Why Choose Us

What makes U-Turn for Christ different from other rehabilitation centers and programs?


Life-Changing Investment

From a recently published study regarding the cost per day of 37 different drug and alcohol rehab facilities: The average price per day is $667 for a 28-30 day stay. This daily average has risen almost 5.5% from 2010 and continues to increase annually. The average alcohol rehab cost can vary anywhere from a few hundred to thousands of dollars per day, depending on the facility type. A traditional state-level rehab semi-private bedroom such as Hazelden averages $1000 per day or $28,000 per cycle. A luxury rehab can total anywhere from; $3,000-$6,000 per day and $100k per 28-day cycle.
U-Turn For Christ, Arizona costs $1,000 for two months. That’s less than $20 a day.


Servant Leadership

Typical residential programs, even Christian programs, are set up with daily meetings usually related to or entirely focused on the 12 step AA model, food that must be purchased, and very little (if any) Bible study. That is why we call U-Turn For Christ a Ministry of Restoration, because we believe the Biblical model of restoration is the only way to be delivered from the grip of addiction in a life and way to see a life restored to the Lord. The ministry allows men and women to serve others in the community, allowing them to find restoration in their lives. We have seen this service is not only a blessing to those whom we serve, but it puts the individual who is seeking restoration in the frame of mind of a humble servant, not an entitled boss. Before long, those who were previously a threat to themselves, their families, and society generally become a blessing to the very same.


Daily Discipleship

Most faith-based programs will have church available to the enrollees once a week on Sunday, and possibly a mid-week Bible Study. We are blessed with being taught by a different teacher in our church service every night. We have pastors come from outside churches & ministries to speak and pray with the men and women who have committed themselves to allow Jesus to turn their lives around. This daily discipleship is critical to the enrollees’ growth and development as they are becoming men and women who turn from their negative behaviors and are ready to serve the Lord, no matter what that looks like.


New Life from Within

Our goal at U-Turn For Christ is restoration to God. With that, everything else becomes new. When those in the ministry submit themselves to the Lord, they lose the desire to numb themselves with drugs or alcohol. They stop the dark behaviors like isolation, secret-keeping, and conducting their lives as if no one else matters. Someone who finds and holds firmly to freedom in Jesus Christ is never the same again, which is precisely why the U-Turn model of restoration has been so effective for the past 25 years. The men and women who graduate from this ministry after Phase One and Phase Two are thoroughly prepared with the tools to continue a deep relationship with Jesus Christ if they choose to. Not only are their own lives healed, but also the lives they touch as well.