Some questions we are frequently asked about the U-Turn for Christ ministry:

Who can enroll?
Anyone can enroll as long as they are over the age of 18, not a registered sex offender, and sober for least 24 hours prior to enrolling.
Do I need a Church referral?
There is no referral necessary to enroll into the program.
What should I bring with me?
A Bible, notebook, pens, highlighters, a weeks worth of clothing, including work clothes and one outfit you will feel comfortable wearing to Church services, laundry bag, laundry soap, blanket or sleeping bag, pillow, and sheets.
What can’t I bring?
Vehicle, cell phone, computer, tablets, iPods and other media players, secular media, all reading material other than your Bible (including commentaries and other extra-biblical media), products containing alcohol, clothing with secular/offensive logos, cigarettes, and all other tobacco products, or tobacco substitutions. We recommend you do not bring any personal valuables or cash over $20.
Do I have to be a Christian to enroll?

No, but you must be willing to participate in all Bible studies, church services, and events.

Is there a dress code?


MEN: All shirts must have sleeves, no clothing with secular/offensive logos, pants and shorts cannot sag.

WOMEN: Avoid clothes that are conforming to the body. No white t-shirts, shorts can be no more than 3 inches above the knee.

Can I have visits?
After a 12 day probation period following enrollment, you can have visits on Sunday from 12:30pm-5pm. Note: Visitation is for immediate family only (ie: Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Spouse, Children, ONLY) . Please note that the dress code described in this FAQ page applies to all visitors as well.
Do you accept court referrals?
Yes we do. Please note that if the Courts allow an individual to participate in our program in lieu of incarceration, we do require the enrollee to complete both phases, Phase-1 (two months) and Phase-2 (six months), making their total commitment to the program a minimum of eight months.